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As a coach you typically start your business with a one-on-one coaching model, but eventually you’ll find yourself worn thin as time becomes limited. There are only 24 hours in a day and when you’re forced to choose between family, work, and your personal life it can get very difficult. At Pod Parrot, we help you leverage the one-to-many model by creating a podcast to do all of the heavy lifting.

Small Business Owners

The challenge that you face today is a lack of trust. It’s never been harder to get potential customers to open their wallets than any time before in history. Simply put, people do business with companies they know, like and trust. At Pod Parrot, we help your small business leverage the world’s most powerful communication medium to build the trust that consumers now demand.


Let’s face it, the competition is steep, and your flashy website and advertising doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to earn the trust of your clients. They need to feel comfortable entrusting you with their case and personal information. At Pod Parrot, we’ll help you build trust by creating a platform that allows you to educate future clients and win their trust.


Due to the nature of your business, as a speaker, you typically only have the ability to share your message from the stage. With the exception of speakers who have strong social media and video editing teams, it can be very difficult to keep the conversation going once the curtains close. At Pod Parrot, we’ll help you keep the conversation going whether you’re on or off the stage. This allows you to sell more products and services and keep an open dialogue with your audience long after your speaking engagement have ended.


As a startup, you have a narrative that needs to be told. We all know the great “started in our garage” stories of Apple, Google and Facebook, but very few startups today actually invest the time, money, and energy into masterfully crafting their creation story and sharing in a way that will resonate with their target audience. At Pod Parrot, we help your startup craft an engaging underdog story that’s told over a series of podcasts. This narrative story telling format exploded in 2014 with the popularity of podcasts like Serial, Startup and 99% Invisible.


As an author, you’re in a unique position to take advantage of podcasting, because the hard part is already done. You’ve already created the content, which is what most people struggle with. One of the biggest challenges that you face as an author is keeping the conversation going between book releases. At Pod Parrot, we help you maintain an open dialogue with readers and fans, whether you’re recently published, or drafting your next release. James Altucher, Tim Ferriss and Michael Hyatt are just a few examples of authors who are leveraging podcasting.


As an entrepreneur, you need a strong brand to shine through the clutter. You understand the value of social media, inbound marketing and building an email list, but you’re not using podcasting as a marketing channel to grow your authority, or worse, you’re doing it all by yourself. At Pod Parrot, we do the birdy work so you can focus on selling and providing value to your customers.