How to Build a Six-Figure Business In 18 Months Without Any Products or Services [Case Study]

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They say the proof is in the pudding and Josh Cobb was on of the biggest podcast success stories I heard in 2015! The guy literally built a multiple six-figure business by interviewing potential customers and prospects in just 18 months. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, he’s amassed 50,000+ weekly listeners world-wide.¬†Josh is the […]

How to Create a Million-Dollar Business with Podcasting [Case Study]

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Gary Leland is widely considered one of the first 100 podcasters in the world! He originally came in the industry in the early 2000’s and leveraged his podcasts as marketing channel for growing his ecommerce business. In this episode Gary revels his strategy for creating a million-dollar business from creating content and interviewing influencers in […]

How to Get Famous: The New Rules of PR

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Meet Josh Elledge, the man on a mission to help entrepreneurs attract the perfect audiences. He’s been on TV and radio more than 1,000 times in more than 100 different cities, writes for a syndicated column to 1.5 million readers, and has created more than $8 million in free advertising. So, it’s safe to say […]