How to Boost iTunes Podcast Reviews with a Show Page

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If you haven’t heard already, subs, ratings and reviews are the key to winning the game in iTunes. How may times have you heard a podcast host wrap things up by saying, “go head over to iTunes and leave us a 5 Star review”. Have you ever considered that your listeners may not know how […]

Connect with Bigger Guests with These Three Simple Steps

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This article is part two of a three part series we’ve put together on interview mastery. Be sure that you get caught up on the full series: Part 1: The Definitive Guide To Conducting Your First Podcast Interview  Part 3: How To Build A Business by Interviewing Your Customers (Coming Soon!) 2016 is here and […]

You’re One Episode Away From Failure or Success

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I imagine that the O.G.’s have known it for years. The marketers sure have. But of course they’d never tell you. It’s not sexy enough. I’ve even learned a thing or two from being in the trenches – on both sides of the microphone. The honest truth is nobody’s immune to it. At any given […]

My Takeaway from the Podcasters’ Paradise Cruise

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WARNING: This is an epic 2,300 word post about my firsthand experience as a crew member aboard the Podcasters’ Paradise Cruise. It’s not a quick read but there’s a little vulnerability, hilarity and a major lesson you will take away that can be universally applied to your life, relationships and business. Read on reda! Would […]

It’s Not About Radio. It’s About People.

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Free Email Course: How to Launch Your Podcast in 5 Easy Steps I’m honored to have Valerie Geller in the lab as today’s special guest lecturer.  She is the president of Geller Media International, a broadcast consulting firm working with news, talk, information and personality for radio, television and podcasting throughout the world. She has […]