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Prospect Machine

Welcome to Prospect Machine!

Dear BC Stack Members,

This course typically┬áretails for $97 but we’ve worked out a special deal with our friends at BC Stack to hook you up!

I’m excited to be sharing some of the most guarded secrets I’ve discovered from years of podcasting. You won’t find this kind of stuff in cookie cutter beginner podcast courses.

You won’t find anything here about what microphone to buy or how to upload upload an episode to your hosting platform.

What you will find is next level strategies for strategically leveraging your podcast for lead generation, prospecting and the tools and systems that you’ll need to have in place to make it happen.

When used correctly, this system has the ability to completely change your business overnight. But let me make on thing clear, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It will take time, hard work and continuous, persistent action.

You will succeed If you follow the system. If you don’t follow the system, you will fail – It’s that simple.

Take notes, implement and then take massive action.

Now, let’s get started! >>> Click Here <<<