7 Strategies for Growing Your Podcast Beyond iTunes and Stitcher

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Podcasting is a numbers game. It’s all about who can see you, and the last thing you want is to keep yourself relegated to one or two platforms. Yes, there’s work that needs to get done that goes beyond submitting your podcast to iTunes and Stitcher! That being said, you also don’t want to keep […]

How to Create a Million-Dollar Business with Podcasting [Case Study]

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Gary Leland is widely considered one of the first 100 podcasters in the world! He originally came in the industry in the early 2000’s and leveraged his podcasts as marketing channel for growing his ecommerce business. In this episode Gary revels his strategy for creating a million-dollar business from creating content and interviewing influencers in […]

Podcasts Connect: What You Can Expect

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We received an email from the Apple team yesterday about their brand new Podcasts Connect application. I didn’t dive too deep into tool but thought I’d take a minute to check and see what’s under the hood. For what I gather, Podcasts Connect will be the future hub for iTunes podcast management. Podcasts Connect allows […]

How to Boost iTunes Podcast Reviews with a Show Page

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If you haven’t heard already, subs, ratings and reviews are the key to winning the game in iTunes. How may times have you heard a podcast host wrap things up by saying, “go head over to iTunes and leave us a 5 Star review”. Have you ever considered that your listeners may not know how […]

Podcast Fundamentals: Three Things You Need to Know

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Podcasting is proving to be a rather profitable endeavor nowadays. Anyone can flap their lips in front of a mic, mix it up on GarageBand and upload to iTunes. That being said, if you want to start making real money and expand your business off of this channel, you’ll need to lose the hobbycaster mindset! […]