How to Rebrand Your Podcast and Get 30% More Downloads

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Cara Hogan is the former Content Marketing Manager at InsightSquared, where she was a constant contributor to the InsightSquared blog, and the host/producer of Ramp, the SaaS analytics podcast.

She’s since moved on to become the Content Marketing Manager for Rentlytics. When she’s not podcasting or writing, Cara is probably rock climbing, skiing, or reading a very large book.

In this episode Cara reveals a strategy for rebranding and how it increased traffic by 20% and downloads by 30%.

Listen and Learn:

  • How to know when it’s time to rebrand and how do you measure it
  • The importance of keeping your audience in the loop
  • How to backdoor JV partnerships with leaders in your space
  • What’s the ROI on podcasting for startups?
  • How to get your podcast featured in top industry publications

Quotes from the lab: 

Click-to-Tweet: “Don’t do a podcast about startups, there’s already enough of them.” – Cara Hogan

Resources and Mentions:

Ramp Podcast – Ramp is the SaaS analytics podcast that explores the stories of how people use data to transform and rapidly grow their business.

How to Use Your Podcast as an Influencer Marketing MachineCheck out Cara’s article on Mention. 

Connect with Cara on Twitter or at to she here latest projects.

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