How to Build a Six-Figure Business In 18 Months Without Any Products or Services [Case Study]

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They say the proof is in the pudding and Josh Cobb was on of the biggest podcast success stories I heard in 2015! The guy literally built a multiple six-figure business by interviewing potential customers and prospects in just 18 months. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, he’s amassed 50,000+ weekly listeners world-wide. Josh is the CEO of Stepps Pty Ltd – A digital marketing agency focused on real estate. He travels around Australia and across the globe helping real estate professionals understand and profit from content marketing, digital strategy and social media.

Listen and Learn:

  • Why you need to be interviewing people who can potentially be your customers
  • How to leverage influencer marketing to grow your business
  • What Josh does to get prospects into the sales funnel
  • The NO pitch sales strategy that pre-qualifies leads on autopilot
  • A little story that reinforced Josh’s decision to make podcasting his primary content channel

Quotes from The Lab: 

Click-to-Tweet: “Prioritize your time to make podcasting a BIG part of your business.” – Josh Cobb 

Resources and Mentions:

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SteppsCheck out some of the fantastic services Josh and his team are creating for real estate professionals world-wide. 

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Josh’s story was one of the biggest success stories I heard in 2015, but rest assured there will be many more. Do you have a podcast success story? Share below in the comments. Maybe we’ll invite you to be a guest on the show!