How To Increase Your Dollar Per Listener

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What If you shifted your focus to increasing your dollar per listener rather than increasing the number of podcast downloads?

Everybody and their mom wants more downloads. As you know, downloads don’t equate to dollars.

I get it. It’s one of the few metrics you can track in our industry. Even then, you don’t have as much data compared to a video or landing page.

With all of this said, focusing on increasing your dollar per listener is going to provide a higher ROI to both you and your business. To start increasing your dollar per listener, focus on these 3 core habits.

But, it’s much better to work on increasing your dollar per listener. By doing the following:

  1. Build your email list

Smart marketers have understood the value of growing, nurturing, and building an email list. Yet, the majority of podcasters think they’re magically exempt from this activity.

Podcasts aren’t a reliable source for lead generation.

However, to improve upon this, you must incentivize (i.e. bribe) your listeners into taking action.  Episode specific content upgrades along with lead magnets are your best friend.

  1. Create excellent content

Have you ever been listening to a podcast while driving, cooking, exercising, or any other activity? 

Of course you have.

But have you suddenly stopped yourself in the middle of this activity to jot down some notes or go to a website?

It’s rare. But when it did happen, what happened that made you stop everything you were doing? What happened that made you stop everything you were doing?

Whatever knowledge, tips or advice being given was pertinent to your situation. This is what I call situational content. The more your listener can “envision” themselves in context of your situation, the greater the impact of your content.

  1. Sell high-ticket offers

I love anything $2-5K+ because you don’t have to have a million-gazillion downloads to get rich. You don’t have to be Tim Ferriss, Lewis Howes or Gary Vee either (good luck catching those guys).

There are plenty of real estate podcasts you’ve never heard of that are quietly making a small fortune selling high-ticket. You’ll also have a bigger budget to invest in acquiring new customers and building out your podcast system.

Moral of the story? Focus on increasing you’re $ per listener, not just increasing your downloads.

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