Podcast Promotion

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It’s not enough to produce a quality podcast – you need to get the word out to the masses! It’s not uncommon for podcasters to launch a show and hear crickets due to lacking a comprehensive podcast promotion strategy. What good is a podcast if you can’t get people to listen to it?

The best podcast promotion strategy will take advantage of the most influential social media channels. These include platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. For example, our team can turn your podcast episodes into shorter bite-sized snippets and share them on Twitter or Instagram.

This is just one of many options our team can implement to help get your podcast in front of the right audience. And while it would take a lot of leg work on your end, it’s simple and seamless with our team of podcast promotion ninjas!

Still not convinced of the power of social media when it comes to podcast promotion?

The stats don’t lie:

Our team will help you setup up your email list, Facebook page, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to promote your episodes across all platforms. That means you get all the benefits of podcast promotion through social media without having to do any of the work!

What’s include?

  Social Media Account Setup


   Scheduling + Promotion of Episodes


  Social Media Graphics


   Engagement Tracking


Are you ready to take podcast promotion off your plate and hand it off to a team of experts? Would you like us to help get your podcast heard, lower stress, and handle the entire process without you lifting a finger?


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