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Interested in booking me to speak at your next event? Please see the list of talks below and fill out the contact form or reach out to me directly at (385) 529-4765.

Upcoming  Talks:

  • 10/19/17 – 3 Things You Need To Know Before Podcasting @ Thrive Workplace (Cherry Creek)
  • 10/26/17 – 3 Things You Need To Know Before Podcasting @ Thrive Workplace (Ball Park)

Featured Talks:

3 Things You Need To Know Before Podcasting – Almost every business or startup has a blog. But but not everyone has a podcast (yet). Not by a long shot. And let’s face it, business can be crazy competitive. Thus, locating and capitalizing on future growth opportunities is a must. Podcasting is one of those major opportunities. Here are the numbers according to HubSpot State of Inbound 2016:

  • 23% podcast listenership growth between 2015 and 2016
  • 5% monthly podcast listening increase since 2013
  • 36% of the worldwide population is listening to podcasts

That means unlimited upside potential with very little risk. It’s also a way to immediately stand out in a crowded industry. In my session, I’m going to to give you 3 secrets you must know before starting a podcast for your business.

What you’ll learn:

  • Secret #1: How to determine if podcasting is a good fit for your business
  • Secret #2: How to leverage podcasting to win more clients and customers
  • Secret #3: What’s the best equipment to get started fast

How To Become An Authority In Any Industry – Based off my personal experience from creating one of the most successful event podcasts in 2014. I will show you how I networked, built relationships, and become an authority from by bedroom by interviewing some of the biggest influencers and tastemakers in my industry. I will show you how to structure effective outreach campaigns to secure busy, high profile people. I will show you the psychology behind why it’s far easier to get them to do an interview instead of asking to pick their brain over coffee. I will show you how to get started without being technically savvy. I will demonstrate best practices for follow-up and relationship building.

The Future of Content Consumption – It’s estimated that there will be 6 billion smartphone user by 2020. If you’re not creating audio or video based content, you’ll be irrelevant and deemed obsolete by 2025. I will reveal the importance of having an audio and video strategy if you have any presence online. I will show real examples of how companies are staying ahead of the curve by jumping in head first with their content strategy and leveraging it to win relationships and build lifetime customers. I will show you why future consumption via mobile represents the largest opportunity for marketers and advertisers in over a decade.