Why Getting Featured on Podcasts Should Be Part of Your Growth Strategy

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Matt Miller dropped by The Lab today to share some creative ways he’s using podcasting in and around his business. If you’ve ever wondered if it was worth it to get featured on other podcasts as a strategy for growing your client or customer base, you’re in for a real treat. Matt also shared how he’s using an internal podcast network to educate franchisees and to highlight veterans within his organization.

Listen and Learn:

  • The little secret about getting featured on podcasts and what it could mean for your business
  • How to ramp up franchisee onboarding and content consumption
  • Why your company leaders should be on the hot seat
  • Where the bottlenecks will occur and the importance of outsourcing production

Quotes from The Lab: 

Click-to-Tweet: “The best thing I ever did for my business was to start getting interviewed.” – @ssvbusiness

Resources and Mentions:

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