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The idea behind Pod Parrot formed back in 2013, when Vernon Foster II launched his first podcast.

Without a strategy in place, Vernon was unsure of where to take his show. Just two months after launching his podcast, he pulled the plug on it.

In December of 2013, Vernon decided to use his knowledge and expertise in the events industry to start another podcast called Event Supremacy. He soon discovered that even though he could generate content quickly, he would hit a roadblock as soon as it came to the post-production aspects of his show. He needed a team to help with syndication, post-production, and marketing.

Thus, Pod Parrot was born. Vernon realized other small business owners and podcasters would see the value in a team of experts that could take the “birdy work” off their hands. With the complete Podcast-In-A-Box services provided by Pod Parrot, a small business or brand can truly focus on what they do best – providing value to their clients and customers.