Podcast Editing Service

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Podcast editing is worth the investment. At Pod Parrot, our in-house production team handles the process. We believe that podcast editing is part science, part art and best handled by experts. We only hire professional audio engineers who have a proven track record.

Here’s where the real work begins, and why many podcasters fail. Our team takes over the editing process and gets to work cleaning up your audio files, crafting compelling show notes, tagging metadata (ID3 Tag) and cranking out quality transcripts.

There’s a saying in the professional podcast community, “Your listeners will forgive you for a lot of things, but they won’t forgive you for bad audio.” Having bad audio editing is one of the fastest ways to lose your listeners.

By letting our team handle the “Birdy Work,” you get to focus your time and energy on doing what you do best, rather than spending hours upon hours doing podcast editing.

Our professional audio team will ensure your podcast episodes have smooth transitions, clean audio, and a warm sound that creates a pleasurable listening experience.

We take pride in crafting an audio experience that you as the host can be proud of too.

Still wondering if podcasting is something you should consider for your business?

The stats don’t lie:

  • 44% (124 million) of the US population has listened to a podcast – up from 40% in 2017 (Infinite Dial 18)
  • 26% (73 million) listen to podcasts at least every month – up from 24% in 2017 (Infinite Dial 18)
  • Podcast listeners listen to an average of 7 different shows per week, up from 5 in 2017
  • 80% listen to all or most of each episode, down from 86% in 2017
  • 27% of US podcast listeners have a 4-year college degree – vs 19% for US pop
  • 45% of monthly podcast listeners have household income over $75K – vs 35% for the total population


What’s included?

      Podcast Editing and Post Production


   Podcast Optimization + Syndication


      Sound Leveling + Smooth Transitions


      Show Notes & Transcripts


   Top-Notch Listening Experience


Are you ready to take podcasting editing off your plate and hand it off to a team of experts? Would you like us to help you get launched and handle the entire process without any stress?


Call (407) 513-2538 or send us an email to schedule a no-cost consultation.