80+ Podcast Tools Every Podcaster Must Have

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While podcasting has been around for more than 13 years, the technology is still playing catch up. And if you’ve started a podcast you know there are a lot of moving parts. In an attempt to make every podcaster’s life a little bit easier, I put together this list of 80+ podcast tools. Each section is broken down into the following categories:

  • Outreach and follow-up
  • Recording and editing
  • Podcasting hosting platforms
  • Marketing and promo
  • Systemization
  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • Theme music
  • Podcast players and WordPress plugins
  • Podcast list building

Podcast Tools for Guest Outreach and Follow- up

Conducting interviews is a BIG reason why you podcast. You get to build relationships with influencers. You get to gain insights from potential customers. And finally, you get in front of audiences who wouldn’t have otherwise seen or heard of you.

So, reaching out to connect and following up takes work. However, there’s an abundance of tools that will help ensure you’re able to pinpoint your most ideal guest, schedule your interviews and follow-up. 
  • Lead FuzeFind and connect with other professionals on LinkedIn.
  • Mailshake Perfect your email outreach and follow up with these killer templates. 
  • Quick Mail.io – Automate outbound email and follow-ups. 
  • Hunter.ioFind email addresses with any website URL. 
  • Follow Up ThenSetup automated email reminders so you never forget to follow up. 
  • ContactuallyOur favorite podcast CRM tool.
  • Hubspot CRMA free alternative to Contatually that’s robust and reliable. 
  • Acuity, ScheduleOnce, Calandly No more back and forth email between you and your guests.

Tools for Recording and Editing Your Podcast 

Getting your interviews and content recorded doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are a plethora of recording and editing tools that will cost you little to nothing to get started. Here are a few recording and editing tools I recommend.

Podcast Tools for Recording

  • ECamm – Record video and audio calls with your Mac.
  • Skype Not the best but it works (sometimes). Bundle with ECamm to record calls. Here are some alternatives
  • Zoom A video and audio conferencing tool that can be used to record podcast interviews. 
  • DiscordDesigned for use while gaming so there’s minimal impact on your CPU. 
  • RingrConnect with your guest, record your interview, and have a file ready to download in minutes. 
  • ZencasterI haven’t personally used it but other podcast friends have given it a shot. 
  • ZcastCool concept. Seems to more for beginners and hobbyist? 

Podcast Tools for Audio Editing

  • Audacity Free editing software. Available for both Mac or PC. 
  • Garage BandFree Mac based editing software. 
  • Adobe AuditionA suite of professional recording and editing tools. 
  • Auphonic  – Clean up your audio without having to spend a fortune on mixing and mastering.
  • Levelator A free alternative to Auphonic. 

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Podcast Hosting Platforms

Hosting platforms are where your media files live. Without them, your show can’t get distributed to podcast directories. That means no iTunes, no Stitcher, etc. You’ll only need one primary host for your podcast and thankkfully there’s plently to choose from.

  • Libsyn – The industry standard for podcast hosting. Unattractive UX. 
  • Blubrry –  Haven been around for 10 years. Free website included with hosting. 
  • BuzzSprout –  Clean UX and helpful content for beginning podcasters. 
  • SpreakerA complete podcast solution with a wide range of tools. 
  • Acast –  Podcast discovery, listening, hosting and distribution all in one place. 
  • SimpleCastMy go-to hosting platform and what I use for MicScience. 
  • Podbeam  Haven’t used them but they’ve been in the game for awhile. 
  • PodOmatic  Have never used them but apparently they’re 2 million podcasters strong.
  • SoundCloudHost at your own risk! Nobody’s really sure what will become of SC due to their recent financial troubles. 

Tools for Marketing and Promoting Your Podcast 

Promoting your podcast episodes is vital to the growth of your show. Marketing automation and social promotion will play a key role. Therefore, having a slew of tools at your disposal and knowing how to use them is essential.

Podcast Tools for Link Sharing 

  • Pretty Link (Lite)Easily mask episode URLs. For example, yoursite.com/episode001.
  • Share Link Generator  – Create social share links to send in your follow up emails to guests. 
  • BitlyCreate shortened URLs that fit Twitter’s 180 character limit. 

Podcast Tools for Social Media

  • BufferSocial sharing on autopilot. 
  • MentionGet immediate notifications when someone shares your content on Twitter.
  • Click To TweetMake it easy for guests to share their interview via Twitter. 
  • Meet Edgar  – Build a massive content library that never goes away, ever. 
  • Tweepi  – See who follows your favorite influencer and hijack their audience. In a nice way of course. 
  • Social Oomph – If Meet Edgar was an iPhone, Social Ooomph would be an Android. 
  • CoscheduleBloggers loves it, podcasters should too. 

Podcast Tools for Creating Shareable Audio 

  • Wavve – Create social media videos for your audio.
  • Anchor.fm – Create sharable, bite-sized versions of audio.
  • SpeakPipeGet questions from your listeners and make them a part of your show.
  • Audiogram (Sparemin)Create a video from a sound file (audiogram), download it, and add it wherever you’d like.

Podcast Tools for Repurposing Content

If you’ve already done the hard work once, why do it over again? Or better, why not maximize your ability to reach a wider audience? That’s why repurposing your content can go a long way.

  • MediumRepurpose transcribed episodes to Medium. 
  • SlideShareWhy not repurpose your podcast episodes into presentations?
  • Prezi – Slide Share’s older brother, but just as cool. 
  • LinkedIn PulseThis isn’t optional if you’re selling B2B. 
  • YouTubeUpload your audio with a still image and BOOM, you’re on multiple platforms. 

Podcast Tools for Systemization, Collaboration, and Outsourcing

Recording episodes are easy. But anyone on the backend will tell you this undeniable truth: a lot of hard work goes into creating a remarkable podcast. Thus, you’ll need to ensure your processes and procedures are in place when you’re working with your team.

Podcast SOP creation tools 

  • WorkflowyCreate checklists and more all in one place.
  • Process St. – Systems don’t fail, people do. Start creating systems.
  • Google DocsA free alternative to Process St. and Workflowy.

Podcast file sharing tools

  • DropBox Share podcast episodes with your behind the scenes team. 
  • Google DriveA free alternative to DropBox. 

Podcast project management tools

  • Slack – Ditch email between your editing and content teams. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 
  • JingRecord instructional videos for anything you need to outsource.
  • Droplr  – Send screenshots on the fly to your team. 
  • Base CampA great project management tool for organizing your podcast.
  • TrelloWe’ve been using it from day one. Stay organized by keeping everything in one place. 
  • AsanaA similar alternative to Base Camp that gets me thinking about yoga poses.

Podcast Tools for Graphic Design

Clean design and branding are paramount to having a professional polished look. Like it or not, perception is a reality. And if you show up looking like an amateur, that’s what you’ll attract in your business. Please, please no Fiverr.

  • Podcast LogosGet sweet podcast cover art designed for your show.  
  • Kapa99 Done-For-You design at a fair price. 
  • CanvaCreate podcast episode art on the fly without hiring a designer. 
  • Design PickleUnlimited graphic design for a low monthly price. 
  • 99 DesignsNeed to hire a designer? Why not have them compete to earn your business?
  • Upwork A bootstrappers dream. Get everything you need from design to copywriting. 

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Podcast Tools for Web Design

Arrr!! The dreaded website design question. Keep it simple for now. Aim to have the basics. At the least, you’ll need a way of capturing leads and pushing them to your email list.

  • Podcast Websites No more guesswork.  Here’s the all-in-one website solution.
  •  Lead Magnets Fast The fastest way to get professional lead magnets with zero design skills.
  • Appendipity – Plug & Play podcast WordPress themes.  
  • Square SpaceSleek looking designed sites without having to hire a designer or coder. 
  • Lead PagesA must for collecting emails and content upgrades. 
  • Click Funnels – Geek out on landing page optimization and upsells. 
  • OptimizePressCreate awesome landing pages and membership sites. 

Podcast Sound Design and Theme Music Tools 

Your beats need to be on point. Nobody likes boring, cheesy theme music. When listeners tune-in you want them to have high energy levels and ready to engaged. Not snoozing at traffic lights. Either get it right the first time and they’ll love you forever or your grandma will be your only subscriber.

  • Music Radio Creative Trusted by some of the tops names in the industry. Mike and his team do great work. 
  • Audio Jungle – Everything you’ll need from the theme music to corporate indents, bumpers and more.

Podcast Players and WordPress Podcast Plugins 

The default players available for hosting platforms haven’t caught up to the times. So investing in a podcast player shows you’re a professional.  Most of all, they’ll also give your listeners an optimal in-browser listening experience from mobile.

  • Smart Podcast PlayerThe podcast player we use here at Pod Parrot HQ designed by Pat Flynn and his team. 
  • Seriously Simple PodcastingBroadcast multiple shows from the same WordPress website.
  • Simple Podcast Press – Another great player that makes it easier for visitors to tune-in. 
  • Blubrry PowerpressThe #1 podcast plugin with 50,000+ active installs and tons of features.
  • Podlove Open source plugin that provides a cutting-edge listening experience for your audience.
  • Social Subscribe & Share – Easily add social icons for your blog and podcast to encourage your visitors to subscribe. 
  • My Podcast ReviewsSee international iTunes reviews for up to 155 countries. 

 Podcast Tools for List Building

One of the biggest assets we have in businesses is our email list. Since podcasts are an audio medium and listeners are usually consuming content on the go,  we have to get creative to capture emails. So here are a few tools I recommend for building your list.

  • TextifulAn affordable solution for collecting emails via text message. 
  • MobitRobust mobile messaging beast with interactive landing pages and integration with InfusionSoft. 
  • ManyChatChatbots are the future. Do yourself a favor and start integrating them into marketing.   

So what are your thoughts on this list of podcast tools? Did we forget to mention a tool that you use? Share below in the comments.

P.S. You can download the PDF print-friendly version of this article to keep handy for reference.

  • Great list!

    I suggest a couple changes. Remove Appendipity because they seem to not exist as a business anymore and replace them with Second Line Themes.

    Also, My Podcast Reviews—the service for tracking your global podcast reviews—would make a great addition to the list. 🙂

    • Vernon Foster II

      Thanks Daniel. We’ve used Podcast Reviews in the past for a client. I’ll make a note to add both.

  • Assaf Gad

    Great recommendation Vernon!

    I would add Audioburst as the a tool to automatically add podcasts to Google, Bing, Alexa and Google Home…
    Check it out at search.audioburst.com…

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    This is a solid list. i’ve been struggling with my podcast, SCIdeShow Podcast, for the last while and hopefully these bring some positive changes.

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  • Bilal Joya

    I started to use GrowPlayer.com some months ago and It is the best!!!

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