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Bacon Wrapped Business

Client Profile: Brad Costanzo


Brad Costanzo is a marketing expert and consultant based in San Diego, California. For years he studied marketing, sales and product licensing. Brad was looking for a platform that would allow him to expand his influence and professional network.

Behind The Podcast: Bacon Wrapped Business

Brad wanted to start a podcast but was extremely busy managing and running his business. He hired Pod Parrot to handle the post-production, content syndication, show notes and transcripts. This allowed Brad to focus on his business and provide value to his listeners, while we did the birdy work!

Getting Results: More Consulting Clients and Bigger Network


In just the first few days after launching Bacon Wrapped Business, it reached iTunes New & Noteworthy and become one of the top ranked podcast! Brad leveraged his podcast to build relationship with some of the world’s biggest experts in copywriting, product licensing and marketing. This list includes Bond Halbert, Stephen Key, Sean Stephenson and many more. He continues to grow his consulting business and influence with Bacon Wrapped Business.

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