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MicScience Interview Flow

We are looking forward to having you as a featured guest on our show. The purpose of our podcast is to provide strategic advice and training from the field on how to leverage digital media for:

  • Gaining online authority
  • Lead generation
  • List building
  • Storytelling
  • Content creation
  • Relationships
  • Audience engagement

Our listeners are founders, CEOs, consultants, agency owners, podcasters and influencers who understand that digital media is a powerful tool for doing the above mentioned. We also call upon experts (yeah, that’s you!) in marketing, business, media and podcasting to train alongside our founder and CEO as guest lecturer.

This page was created to provide you with an outline of what to expect next and a little bit more about how our interview process works.

Before The Interview

What You Can Expect From Us

As soon as you book your interview time you will receive an email confirmation from us confirming your scheduled interview.

What kind of questions will we ask you during your interview?

  • Background in your industry or niche
  • A specific strategy or two that listeners can use that has worked for you
  • How podcasting or other digital media has impacted your business (case studies, revenue, success stories, JV deals, etc.)
  • What tactics, tools, services or resources you use
  • Advice based on your experience, vision or foresight

Please keep in mind every single interview is unique in it’s own way. So, interview questions will vary accordingly and adapt to the natural flow of conversation and the guest. Nothing is being scripted during the show. The flow is always organic like avocado!

The outlined questions above are to give you an idea of what you can expect.

Your show introduction will be created based upon the information you provide in the “Short Bio” section of the interview appointment form you fill out.

Reading someone’s full bio verbatim is boring and dry, so I’ll take one or two of the most interesting points and flow from there.

What We Need From You

Reply to our appointment confirmation email after you schedule your interview along with your blog/website URL as well as Facebook URL (or favorite social media network) for our listeners to connect with you.

These links will be featured on a blog post we do when your show is released on iTunes highlighting your interview on our website. We will do our best to get you as much exposure as we can which is our way of saying THANK YOU for the awesome interview.

Our interview together will be about 25 minutes and it’s required that you use a microphone or headset for optimal audio quality. If you don’t own a headset or mic you can pick up my recommended low-end headset on Amazon right here for only $25 and have it delivered to your doorstep in 2 days or less if you have Amazon Prime.

It’s well worth the investment.


The interview will be conducted on Skype, so it’s important that you have Skype downloaded on your Mac or PC prior to game time.  (It’s can be downloaded for free over at in case you don’t already have it.)

Vernon will contact you on Skype precisely at your scheduled appointment time. Go ahead and add Vernon to your contact list on Skype now (username: vernonfoster2010), so that you’re connected with him.

  • 0:00 – Meet and Greet, Check Levels, Correct Pronunciations
  • 0:05 – Press RECORD
  • 0:25 – “Thanks for joining us. We’ll catch you later” *Please don’t disconnect yet*
  • 0:27 – Post Interview. Any issues, questions, concerns and virtual high fives!
  • 0:30 – Thanks and Goodbye

After the Interview

What You Can Expect From Us

Vernon will give you a general idea of when your show will be released and go live on iTunes. Please keep in mind release dates can fluctuate, but that you will be contacted via email and Facebook the day before your interview is published online as well as the day of.

Your email will include direct episode links in iTunes as well as Facebook and Twitter share links making it point and click easy for you to share with your tribe if you choose to do so.

How You Can Help Us Help You?

The greatest gift you can do to help and support us is simply SHARE your interview with your tribe of followers and subscribers. We always make it a point on our end to share your show with our entire database, everything from Facebook, iTunes, Email, Twitter, you name it… because it’s our mission to get your message heard and we appreciate you taking the time.

Please subscribe to our show on iTunes as well as leave us a review and honest rating because every single review and rating helps us spread your message to a bigger audience.

Most Important

Thank you so very much for investing your most precious asset in this world which is “Your time” for being a guest on MicScience. If you’re ready to schedule your podcast interview: click here

Looking forward to our chat!


Vernon T. Foster II, Founder & CEO at Pod Parrot

Chief PodCasting Operator