Podcast PR Outreach

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Our goal with the podcast PR outreach program is to get your brand maximum exposure by leveraging the untapped potential of existing audiences. We pitch you as a guest to our existing and growing network of shows and you get interviewed as a guest expert.  

You effectively get your brand and message in front of thousands of listeners with very little effort. If you can open Skype and take a call, this will be the easiest form of content creation and lead generation in your marketing mix.

How do you benefit?

  • Instant credibility, authority and social proof
  • Increased traffic and backlinks to your website
  • Increased product sales and leads
  • JV partnerships, mailings and webinars

What we need from you?

We get the best results when our clients have a story or can craft a message that resonates with the audience they’re speaking too. Simply going on a show to pitch your product or service won’t cut it, you need to lead with value! Having something to offer listeners in the form of a free guide, checklist or PDF is the most effective way to demonstrate value.  

To help craft your message and story, we need your bio, photo and any social proof or experience that makes you stand out as an expert in your field. Here’s an example from one of our current clients.

How are interviews scheduled?

The host will send us a scheduling link with date and time availability. We book an interview time slot based on your current availability. Once scheduled, you’ll receive an email notification and the booking will show up on your calendar.

What is the criteria for shows?

Our clients industries and needs differ based on their products, services and individual goals. We will setup an initial meeting to discuss your goals and criteria.

What will be my time commitment?

On average, you will be getting interviewed as a guest expert four times per month.

Will interviews take place the same month they’re booked?

Not always. Sometimes you’ll be able to get featured right away, other times you may need to wait. Also, keep in mind that there’s turnaround time for post-production and editing.

Schedule a discovery call today and we’ll get the booking process started.