14 Big Brands That Should Be Podcasting

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The small guys are winning with podcasting and few big brands have started to catch on. Here are a few that are still sitting on the sidelines and we think they would crush it.

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1. Red Bull

It’s no question that Red Bull is the purple cow of energy drinks. They’ve acquired a massive following across every extreme sports genre on the planet. They’ve put on some of the best parties. Hell, they’ve even filmed documentaries of dudes jumping off cliffs in wingsuits.

Why not curate a podcast that blends genres and talent? What about Shawn White interviewing DJ Jazzy Jeff from a ski chalet?

2. CocaCola

CocaCola is the most prominent brand on the planet. They’ve been successful at creating global lifestyle brands. Why not create a lifestyle podcast (or fifty) from one of their 500 brands?

3. Mc Donald’s

Bah dah bah bah bah… I’m lovin’ it! But unfortunately a lot of people don’t. McDonald’ has a better reputation outside of the U.S. than on their own home turf.

I envision The McCast (you like that huh?) being a blend of positive propaganda and stories that resonate with millennials.


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4. Starbucks

I’m sippin’ on this white chocolate mocha latte and talk radio is killing my vibe!

My commute is only 3 steps to my computer these day. But if I was still on my 9-5 hustle, it would be pretty easy to persuade me to listen. Coffee and beats just go together.

5. Facebook

Facebook still dominates, no question. Zuckerberg doesn’t have to sell me on joining the club because I’m 11 years deep. It would be nice to get a heads up those algorithm updates though. 😉

At the least, It would be intriguing to know what cool features are coming next. Love the voice-to-text podcast thingy btw.

6. Heineken

Heineken always seems to find a way to get behind big festivals and music events. They took that be everywhere thing pretty serious.

A pop-electro infused podcast with Heineken stamped all over it has to be in the cards. Is it guys?

Source: Twitter: @keithscott

7. Nike

If I endorsed every major athlete in the world, they’d have be a guest on my show. And I’m not talking your typical boring post game press conference panel either.

I’m talking athletes getting raw and being venerable. The side that we as fans never get to see.

8. Adidas

Like Nike, Adidas has an infinite roster of professional athletes and sports teams they endorse. Why not create a VH1 Behind The Music meets Playmakers? And make it only available in audio format.

I’d actually pay money for that!

9. MTV

MTV is ahead by leaps and bounds of all the brands listed here. Just use a strategy that we call content repurposing. Then, combine it with an audio style movie trailer.

Take 10 – 15 minutes of the juiciest clip from Awkward and throw it up on iTunes. #Boom – You’ve got yourself a “cliff hanger.”

source: justluxe

10. Budweiser

The king of beers? How about the king of podcasting? Some micro brews have already beat them to the punch (or should I say beer).

Live stream from Bud Light Hotel or give us a look behind the scenes look at the brewing process. Why not interview the team at Bud Light HQ?

11. Bank of America

Bank of America would crush it with a weekly budgeting podcast.  60 to 70 percent of American adults admitted to not having a budget! A small startup budgeting tool, You Need A Budget, is already doing it.

A podcast on investing would be another alternative.

12. Colgate

Health care costs are on the rise and it’s not looking good (no shit sherlock!). Taking preventive measures from home are no longer an option, they’re a necessity.

My prediction: colgate becomes synonymous with saving money on trips to the dentist. How? By producing a weekly hygiene tips podcast.

13. Subway

Jared’s not around anymore. Who’s gonna show me how a regimented Subway diet plan can help me drop to size 40 Levis?  Exactly. So why not have a dieting and fitness podcast dedicated to “eating fresh!”

14. American Express

It’s no secret that Americans over spend and rack up buku amounts of debt. Credit card companies are generous when it comes to shelling out Benjamin’s. But double digit APR can add up quick!

I envision AMX taking a leadership role in curbing consumer debt. The Conscious Budgeting Podcast will be geared toward responsible personal finance.

While You Were Waiting…  

But, hey what do I know? Podcasting is still uncharted territory for Big Brands right?

Guess again. Take note of what Ford and HP are doing.

How long do you plan to sit on the sidelines?  Remember what they said about social media in 2000? What happened to the the Big Brands that waited on the sidelines?

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