How an Agency Veteran Authentically Attracts Clients with Magnetic Content

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Jason Swenk ran a digital agency for 12 years and worked with brands like Legal Zoom, Hitachi and AT&T before selling the biz. He’s since shifted focus to serving other agency owners with his blueprint for success. After initially being invited as a guest on another show, Jason realized the impact a podcast and video could have for building trust, community and feeding leads to his seven figure business empire.

Listen and Learn:

  • From accidental podcast to international agency super star
  • Why Jason believes the funnel is dead and how he uses logic instead
  • How to think about podcast downloads
  • Solving problems and helping vs. selling
  • Why you need to be building a community
  • Should you get rid of CTAs in your show
  • Hiring a VA to repurpose episodes vs. transcripts

Quotes from the lab: 

Click-to-Tweet: “You don’t have to have a huge list or huge downloads to do the revenue you want.” – Jason Swenk 

Resources and Mentions:

Jason Swenk.comGet world-class agency advice from a guy who’s actually done it. 

Smart Agency Master Class Check out Jason’s podcast for digital agency owners. 

Florida State University Hey, it’s not Harvard but that’s not why we went there.  


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