Authority, Leads & Relationships: The Podcast Business Strategy

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Need to establish authority in your industry?  Has your lead flow dried up?

This week I’m kicking off the first episode in our six week training series. In this episode I’ll be sharing my personal definition of podcasting and how it can be an extremely effective tool for building your authority, generating leads for your products and services, and connecting with your prospects and customers on a more intimate level.

This is the podcast business strategy that nobody is talking about. If you plan to use podcasting for growing your authority and generating leads for your business, this is must listen.

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  • What is a podcast? Hint: It’s not what Google and Wikepdia are telling you!
  • The 3 things that having a podcast allows you to do
  • Actionable example: How to dominate your local real esate market with a podcast


Was this episode valuable? How will you use this strategy for growing your business? Comment below and share your thoughts.