How Authors, Speakers & Coaches are Crushing their Competition with Podcasting

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If you’re an author, speaker or coach and podcasting isn’t your jam right now…  I feel sorry for your mother! OK that’s a joke that most of you won’t get (Don’t Be A Menace).

I actually feel sorry for your business! Why? Your competitors are doing things smarter. Meanwhile, you’re doing it the old school way – going door to door. Please stop that.

The podcast gravy train is moving and here’s exactly why you need to grab a ticket if you’re an author, speaker or coach. All aboard!!

First Things First

Let’s go ahead get this out of the way. You don’t have to be physically present to sell more books, get more clients, and get more gigs.

It’s important that we get that notation cleared up right now, OK? That type of old school thinking will make you obsolete quicker than Blockbuster Video.

Sell More Books

Selling books is a hard business. Digital or print, your still going to have to put in the work! Earlier we agreed that you don’t have to go down to Dave’s Books & Coffee. No need to push hardcopies out of the truck.  Why not hit the virtual circuit and kick things off with a Podcast Tour?

My friend Taylor Pearson recently released his new book, End of Jobs, and got featured on a half dozen podcasts. The jury is still out on the launch, but I think it’s safe to say Taylor got a big push from his podcast interviews.

So you published a book and it’s been a year or two… what do you do in the meantime? Sip Mai Tai’s on the beach all day?

A better move would be to keep the convo going with a podcast. You know…  communicate with your fans. You might want them to stick around if you plan to eat off that next book deal.

Get More Gigs

I haven’t see a lot of speakers do a podcast tour (you guys should hit us up). But, I have seen them use it as a tool to get booked.

I just took a call from my brother in the middle of writing this. He’ll be speaking in NYC in a few months. Guess how they found him? Yep, his podcast.

There’s another side benefit to having a podcast if you’re a speaker too. You get the crowd into your funnel! Let’s say you get booked for a cool $20K. Then, you have to travel 2,000 miles across the country and present to a Fortune 500 company.

How will the audience keep the conversation going once you step off stage? They can’t! And don’t say social media or I’ll smack you. I’m talking about real, genuine, authentic conversations beyond 140 characters here.

But with a podcast… you can. Why not upsell your products and services while your at it? Now that’s what I call double dipped like Dippin’ Dots!

Get More Clients

Coaching biz struggling? Hell, maybe you don’t even have your first client yet.

No worries. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned boss (although we perfer to work with the latter). Either way, you can’t lose when it comes to podcasting.

Coaching, like most businesses, is a relationship business. It’s likely that your clients got to know you by subscribing to your email list or watching your videos. Then, they pulled out the credit card.

The know, like, trust factor was there before a monetary exchange. I buy Chic-fil-A because I trust that they’ll serve up a kick ass chicken sandmich!

I’m sure I’m not the first one to let the cat out of the bag. But here it is… podcasting is has becoming the secret weapon for the top earning coaches in America. Say what?

How do I know? We recently lost a bidding war after submitting a proposal. She only works with four clients a year (top earning coach). She also told me that podcasting was going to be one of the main focuses for her business in the next quarter. Cha cha ching!

Next Steps

The question you’re asking yourself right now is, “how do I get the the podcast game?” You already know how authors, speakers, and coaches are crushing their competition with podcasting. And you want to repeat the benefits too.

Maybe you’re doing it the old school way. And you realize that doesn’t work anymore for everyone. Plus, you don’t want skinny kids. Nobody wants skinny kids. I don’t have kids yet and I don’t even want skinny kids either.

Here’s the deal. Let’s get on the phone and see how my team and I can help you. You can schedule a quick 10-minute discovery call here. Warning: I’m only looking to work with a few peeps that get it and who are open to new ideas. No old school thinking please. Look forward to our chat.

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