How Consultants and Executive Coaches Make Money with Podcasting: The 20K a Month Formula [Case Study]

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What Dr. Krister Lowe has been able to do over the course of 12 months will BLOW your mind! I’m not kidding. When we sat down and he told me how he was able to create his $20,000 a month team coaching and executive coaching business by using this simple formula, two things immediately happened. First, I had to pick up my jaw off the floor. Then, I had to set aside my ego because he did the ONE thing I tell my clients not to do. And it freakin’ worked!

Listen and Learn:

  • Dr. Krister’s secret three part formula
  • How guests can turn into $$$ clients and HUGE referrals
  • Why you need to be using your podcast to educate existing clients
  • Do you have to be the guru, expert or have a strategy?
  • Does passion really matter?

Quotes from The Lab: 

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Resources and Mentions:

Team Coaching Zone –  Checkout Dr. Krister’s website and podcast focused on team building and team coaching. 

How to use LinkedIn to Grow Your PodcastInterview mentioned in this episode with John Nemo of LinkedIn Riches. 

EOFireMy interview I did with JLD back in 2014 when I just launched Pod Parrot. 

Are you an executive coach or consultant? How do you envision podcasting being a tool to help you grow your business? Share below in the comments.