How to Get Your Podcast into iTunes New and Noteworthy

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This is the follow up to our first article in this series, “How to Create & Launch a Podcast and Book Your First Three Guests.” The series continues with showing you how to get into New & Noteworthy. At this point you should have already recorded your first three interviews and ready to submit to iTunes.

What is New & Noteworthy?

iTunes New & Noteworthy is arguably considered the Holy Grail for new podcasts. It’s an easy way to get more exposure and visibility for your show once it goes live. And the bragging rights and social proof of course!



This is the exact strategy I used to get MicScience on the iTunes New & Noteworthy charts in 7 days! The idea is to get as many sub (subscriptions), rating and reviews and possible within a short window of time, preferably 5 – 7 days. What follows is a four step blueprint that you can follow to learn how to get your podcast into iTunes New and Noteworthy.


What you’ll need:

  • Podcast ready to submit to iTunes 
  • Trello or Google sheet
  • iTunes account
  • List of cool people – friends, family and fans 


Pod Parrot Launch


The podcast when live in iTunes on September 9, 2015 (day 1) 

Step 1. Make your top 50 list

Why do you need to make a list? Two reasons. First, you know exactly who you’re going to call on to help you fight the good fight. It will also serve as a follow up system when you check your reviews to see who followed through.

Like anything else, people will tell you they’ll leave a review and won’t do it right away. If you’re asking the right people (friends, family and fans), it’s probably because they got busy. Don’t sweat it! Make a note in your Trello board or Google sheet on when you asked and circle back if you haven’t see the review come in.


Step 2. Submit your podcast to iTunes

In order for your podcast to get reviewed, it needs to be submitted to iTunes. I’m not trying to insult your intelligence. I don’t ever make assumptions when it comes to this stuff. What’s second nature to me now is rocket science to our customers and clients.

You’ll need to locate your podcast RSS feed (a link with all the information about your podcast ) and submit it via your iTunes account. Here’s a video explaining the submission process:

Note: All podcast hosts will provide you access to your RSS feed (a link with all the information about your podcast). You don’t need to have the same hosting platform as the one seen in this video.


Step 3. Create a show page

A show page is basically stupid, easy step-by-step instructions on how to sub, rate and review your podcast. Don’t assume people will know what you’re asking them to do. Some of them may not even have an iTunes account.

For example, I had friend a rejected me and say he didn’t use iTunes because it was subpar. I asked if he had an iPhone and ended up getting the review. 🙂


Always use the Grandma test. If you asked your grandma to sub, rate and review your podcast, would she be able to? If not, you won’t get reviews. Make it easy for people to say yes!  

Here’s a short video I created to show our family, friends and clients how to leave a review. Feel free to use it for your show page:

Make sure you leave a review for MicScience, please! 

Step 4. Ask, ask, ask and then ask again

Shy people don’t get reviews. This isn’t the time to shy away for asking favors. If you did step one correctly this should be the easiest part. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends, family and fans. If you have a list, email them too. Leverage any asset you currently have… Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.. everything.

I got the best results when I sent out the show page coupled with a brief Facebook message. Keep track of who and when you asked and follow up! The key is to ask them to subscribe, rate and review… all three… not just one or two. And making it as effortless as possible, remember the grandma test! 


MS New & Note - 9.16.15

MicScience in New & Noteworthy on September 16, 2015 (day 7) 

While New & Noteworthy will give you street cred and bragging rights, it won’t necessarily explode your downloads but it’s a great way to get your podcast more visibility and social proof. A small price to pay for added credibility in your market. 


What has been your experience getting into iTunes New & Noteworthy?

Did you find this strategy helpful? Share in the comments below.