How to Get Your Podcast on Spotify

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The average cross-platform Spotify user consumes an astounding 148 minutes everyday listening on their platform! That’s a big deal for us podcasters. The more earballs we get, the greater the opportunity to get our products and services in front of the people who need them.   

Until recently getting on Spotify was only a pipe dream for indie podcasts. If you weren’t doing big numbers like the big boys and girls from the major production houses, you probably never got a look.

As a member on the Spotify community forum stated back in 2015,

However, it now appears that Shopify plans to open up more opportunities to the masses that meet specific criteria.

The Feed, aka The official podcast of hosting platform Libsyn, released an episode in January 2016 that shed some light on what the criteria Spotify is looking for:

Spotify is primarily looking for these type of shows:

  • That appeal to millennials
  • That it’s evergreen content
  • That it’s tech oriented
  • That it’s storytelling

Which appears to be spot on with an article that appeared earlier this year on DigiDay.

However, none not much has been covered on how to get one’s podcast in front of the decision makers without having to jump through multiple hoops.

Last week I caught wind of a post by the co-founder of Podcast Movement, Jared Easley, in a community Facebook group I’m a part of. To date, it’s easiest solution I’ve discover for potentially getting your podcast on Shopify.

Keep in mind that there’s still review process and submission doesn’t guarantee your show will be approved. Simply fill out the podcast submission form and sit tight for feedback. 🙂

Huge thanks to Jared and Dan for continually helping move the podcast community forward. Make sure you thank them at Podcast Movement this year!