How to Grow Your Podcast with LinkedIn Pulse

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Author, speaker, coach, and all around LinkedIn guru John Nemo is here today to give us some of the same strategies that has helped him utilize one of the largest growing networking sites on the planet. John reveals his strategy for to landing a $14K business contract, nurturing leads, and networking affluent customers. Listen and learn from someone with an incredible ethos on leveraging LinkedIn for both your podcast and personal brand.

Listen and Learn:

  • Getting leads through Linkedin
  • How to effectively market yourself to your focus group through LinkedIn
  • Using effective tools for market research that Linkedin provides
  • How you MIGHT be using LinkedIn wrong right now

Quotes from the lab: 

Click-to-Tweet: “You better check yourself before you wreck yourself .”- Ice Cube

Resources and Mentions: – Get Johns bestselling book with more great advice on networking and LinkedIn.

Why You Should Hire a Podcast Coach: Why and how to seek out people like John.

Of course, you can contact John on his own profile here.

Do you have any personal LinkedIn success stories? How do you use it to grow your business? Share your thoughts in the comments.