How to Make $50,000 in 60 Days from Giving Away Your Best Content

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This week I got a chance to catch up with Angela Lauria of Author Incubator. She has an incredible business that helps authors get their book published and profit. Angela launched Page Up^ back in March of 2015 and generated $50,000 in revenue in just 60 days! That’s no typo folks! Fifty thousand greenbacks in sixty days.

What’s her secret sauce? Giving away her best content! 

Of course it goes deeper than that. And Angela was happy to break down her full strategy, podcast funnel and the tools used to make it all happen. You’ll realize very quickly that she’s no marketing rookie and takes her business seriously.

Rather than do a run-of-the-mill typical interview strategy, Angela choose to provide tons of value and attract clients. This was strategy she picked up from watching Brooke Castillo.  Brooke gave away 100% of what she actually did behind the scenes with clients on her podcast.

Takeaways from this interview:

  • What Angela learned from Interviewing 100 authors
  • How to make every episode into a 30-minute customer testimonial by interviewing your clients
  • Why interviewing people doesn’t always get you more leads
  • Should you give away your best ideas?
  • Does mindset matter?
  • Angela’s lead capture system and funnel


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