How to Sell Your Products Before They Exist

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Greg Hickman is the CEO and Founder of, a done-for-you sales funnel and marketing automation service for entrepreneurs and small businesses. His team works with clients such as Entrepreneur On Fire, Eventual Millionaire and many other top online entrepreneurs. Greg has built two companies by learning to pre-sell his products and services to ensure there’s a demand. This episode is a must listen for entrepreneurs who are in need of validating ideas.

Listen and Learn:

  • How Greg built his side hustle before leaving corporate
  • Get inside the minds of your customers with this trick
  • How to create a business in 10 days
  • The SOPs that every podcasters should have in their toolbox
  • Leveraging podcasting to get into events

Quotes from the lab: 

Click-to-Tweet: “Podcasting is a door opener, not your primary business model”. – @gjhickman

Resources and Mentions: – Email marketing and automation services for online entrepreneurs.

Zero to Scale Podcast –  A podcast about bootstrapping Startups to $100k/mo and beyond.

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