How to Setup Your First Facebook Ad for Your Podcast

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Entrepreneur and paid traffic wiz, David Schloss has played the marketing game from his college apartment since 2007 and has been successfully running advertising via social channels for the past three and a half years. Today, he joins us to drop some advice on how to smoothly commandeer the intimidating and ever-evolving realm of digital advertising. David also dives deep into what you’ll need to setup your very first Ad in order to start generating traffic for your podcast. Learn how to get started for as little as $5.00 a day!

Listen and Learn:

  • How to setup your first advertising campaign
  • Why Facebook is one of the cheapest, fastest and most effective advertising tools
  • How to use social media Ads to increase website traffic
  • What is Facebook custom audiences
  • Why you shouldn’t send listeners to iTunes
  • Use this simple strategy to grow your email list
  • Demystifying remarketing and retargeting

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Facebook Ads ManagerStart taking action and get started with Facebook Ads manager today! 

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Did our guest help to clear any barriers of entry to online advertising you may have had? What tools will you use in your future ad campaigns? Let us know below in the comments.