It’s Not About Radio. It’s About People.

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I’m honored to have Valerie Geller in the lab as today’s special guest lecturer.  She is the president of Geller Media International, a broadcast consulting firm working with news, talk, information and personality for radio, television and podcasting throughout the world. She has helped people at more than 500 stations in 31 countries, is the recipient of the Conclave’s prestigious 2010 Rockwell Award for Lifetime Achievement in Radio and been named by America’s “Radio Ink” magazine as one of the “50 Most Influential Women in Radio.”

In this episode Valerie shared a glimpse of the proven formula taught in here high-level “Creating Powerful Communicators” workshops and seminars. With more than 30 years experience, Geller knows exactly what the people what. You’ll be shocked when you discover is has very little to do with radio!

Listen & Learn:

  • The MUST-HAVES to create loyal listeners
  • Why it’s all about communicating powerfully and how to do it
  • How to step into the world of the listener
  • Four proven formats for creating communities and tribes
  • Narrowcasting vs. Broadcasting

Mentions & Resources 

Beyond Powerful Radio: A Communicators Guide To The Internet Age Valerie’s latest book. 

Beyond Powerful Radio – Free with 30-Day Audible Trial Membership (Audible Version). 

Creating Powerful Radio: Getting, Keeping & Growing Audiences Another must read to add to your collection. 

Geller International –  Visit Valerie’s website for more information on her one-on-one coaching, workshops and seminars. 

Connect with Valerie on Twitter! 

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