Making Your Podcast a Strong List Building Tool

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Jeremy Montoya is a blogger, podcaster and educator that has a particular knack for rapidly growing email and using it as efficient tool for business. In short, he’s here to tell you what needs to get done to maximize your show’s income potential and how to do it. With these strategies, he’s helped Lewis Howes and others double their opt-ins and is here today to share some of those secrets on making your podcast a strong list building tool.

Listen and Learn:

  • Using content upgrades to incentivize listeners to take action and visit your site
  • How to utilize SMS to email for list building
  • Tips on getting repeat customers back to your website 

Mentions and Resources:

Jeremy – Montoya’s blog and home of his podcast, The Montoya Experiment.

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Amy Porterfield – Learn from one of the most respect women in the online marketing space. 

Jeremy has a lot of great suggestions on how to improve and repurpose your content. What do you think of them? Which ones do you think will be most effective for your own business model?