How to Create a Million-Dollar Business with Podcasting [Case Study]

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Gary Leland is widely considered one of the first 100 podcasters in the world! He originally came in the industry in the early 2000’s and leveraged his podcasts as marketing channel for growing his ecommerce business. In this episode Gary revels his strategy for creating a million-dollar business from creating content and interviewing influencers in the girls fast pitch softball niche. And he’s spending ZERO dollars in paid advertising!

Listen and Learn:

  • What the the Internet was like pre-Google Pay Per Click?
  • Why Gary believes in “pitching” commercials on his shows?
  • How to he added $120,000 to the bottom by doing zero advertising.
  • How to leverage conferences for content creation.
  • The wagon wheel content strategy.
  • Why every pice of you content need to be _______.
  • How to network with olympic athletes?

Quotes from the lab: 

Click-to-Tweet: ” There aren’t any secrets, just information you don’t know yet.” -@Garyleland 

Resources and Mentions: –  Check on Gary’s site to stay up to speed with his latest projects. The home base for all Gary’s websites, stores, podcasts, and more. 

How to Define Your Podcast Strategy – Great throwback episode to help you hone in on your podcast strategy.

What was your biggest aha from my conversation with Gary? Can you see the power of podcasting as a tool to grow your business?  Share your thoughts in the comments.