Was Jesus really a Podcaster?

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Andy Zaltzman made an interesting assertion in his TEDxOxbridge  talk last year. He asserted that Jesus was a podcaster and parables were the podcast of his time. Whether you agree with Andy’s statement or not, it’s an idea worth considering.

Parables have been a form of storytelling throughout history. Parable comes from the Greek word parabolē, which means comparison, illustration and analogy.

The most popular podcast in production have adopted the masterful craft of storytelling. They work because the power and influence of parables are still ingrained in our society and culture today.

What’s even more interesting?

“How much faster would they evolve if they had been able to share their ideas globally through the medium of podcasting?”, Zaltzman explained.

Perhaps another idea worth considering.

Religious ideologies aside, the impact of these stories and literary devices are unfathomable. We’ve only started to scratch the surface and see the real effects of podcasting on the global economy.

But all one has to do is follow the old breadcrumb trail to get a glimpse into the future.

Perhaps we can take a page out of professor Redhorn’s Future Functorum to gain a little insight on where podcasting is going,

“People will be able think something interesting, speak it out, and be heard by people all around the world.”

The crazy part about this quote is 100 years ago it seemed far fetched and ludicrous, but today it’s a reality. You have the ability to get your message in front of 7 billion people!

What will your story be?