Why Every Real Estate Agent Should Be Podcasting

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After graduating College, Gavin worked for Enron and became dissatisfied with the corporate world. He left (before it collapsed), sold everything and moved his family to Honduras. He started a non-profit organization (Servant’s Heart, Inc) to do humanitarian relief. After years overseas, Gavin and his wife, returned to the U.S. and started working in the engineering field. He started his own Drilling Business, within months that side business grew beyond all expectations. During this time Gavin continued the family tradition and begun investing in real estate. Over the years, Gavin’s passion for real estate has turned into his full time job. He currently is the host of The Real Estate Loop and gives all his knowledge to others wanting to learn the skills to invest in real estate. He is an Entrepreneur, a risk taker and someone who wants to make a dent in the world.

Listen and Learn:

  • Leading with value – the indirect monetization strategy
  • How one podcast interview led to an investment deal
  • $2,300 a month in sponsorship revenue without CPM
  • Why great content is the only thing that matters
  • A podcast template for business owners interested in starting a podcast

Quotes from the lab: 

Click-to-Tweet: “Keep it hyper local, provide great content, and people will call you.”  – @gav_welch 

Resources and Mentions:

The Real Estate Loop – Learn more about Central Florida real estate opportunities. 

What was you biggest take away from my interview with Gavin? Are you a real estate agent interested in starting a podcast? Let’s jump on a 15-minute discovery call and see how we can help.