21 Tips for Recording Better Interviews

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Happy holidays and welcome back to the lab! This week we run by some sealed and approved methods for beginners and veterans alike on making your interviews smoother and more effective. From getting things right on a production and technical level to building relationships with interviewees, we’re here to discuss how to get your show finely tuned to make the best experience possible for your listeners and guest alike.

Listen and Learn:

  • How to record smooth, professional sounding audio that won’t distract guest or disrupt the flow of the show
  • Basic tips on building a good report with your guest – i.e. The Icebreaker Method
  • The importance of transitioning into a natural and relaxed conversation with your guest

Resources and Mentions:

My Takeaway from The Podcaster’s Paradise Cruise – A burly 2,300 word beast about my very personal journey as a crew member aboard the Podcasters’ Paradise Cruise.

How to Setup Your First Facebook Ad for Your Podcast – You have the audio on file, now make some money off of it with the skinny on quickly and easily setting up your first Facebook ad.

For beginners: did this help to de-mystify the ins and outs of podcasting? For veterans: did this help to examine your base and improve your own production value? You know what to do in the comments!