3 Steps to Repurposing Podcasts for Medium (It’s Easier Than You Think)

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Content repurposing and content recycling are buzzwords that have been getting thrown around lately.

In fact, when I was at Podcast Movement a few weeks ago my good friend Harry Duran tipped me off to a little secret.

He told me about a friend that he’d helped out with repurposing podcasts for Medium. And that it ended up landing his friend a speaking gig!

Me being the podcast mad scientist that I am, I decided I’d try it out for one of our clients here at Pod Parrot HQ.  What follows is a 3-step guide I whipped up to help you do the same.


Step 1 – Dig For Gold

First things first. Go back and review your most engaging podcasts. Look for tell-tale signs of your best content.

Did listeners comment on your blog? Did it get a couple hits on Twitter? Maybe you received an email from someone who got results? Those are the podcasts you want set aside for repurposing.

Start by setting 5 – 7 episodes aside for now. Keep it simple. Don’t get caught up in analysis paralysis. You can always go back through the archives and grab more later.


Step 2 – Get Your Podcasts Transcribed

Next, you want to get your podcasts transcribed. There are a ton of services out there that offer transcriptions. If you want professional results and super quick turnaround I recommend using Rev.com.

Rev.com offers 24 hour turnaround and you can upload files right on their site. Even better, you may get it back the same night like I did or a discount on your first order.

Another reason why Rev rocks is that they send each podcast transcribed as a word doc. If you send multiple files for editing, they’ll send you over a zip file with all the docs in one convenient folder.


Step 3 – Post To Medium.com

And finally, you’ll need to clean up the copy to make sure it flows. Be sure to add photos, gifs, and quotes to make the text easier on the eyes.

Don’t use random content. Make sure it resonates with your message.

Creating a Medium account is painless. You can think of Medium as more of a “dear diary” style journal than dry business article. No need to buy a domain or fool around with WordPress. It all ties in to your Facebook account or twitter handle.


The 6 Month Experiment

My team and I plan to dedicate 6 months to this experiment to see what type of results it nets our client. At that point we’ll be able to share what we’ve learned. At the least, we’ll have the a rough draft for a book that than could be self-published.

Have you used medium as a way to repurpose your podcasts?

What do you see being the potential pitfalls or benefits?