Connect with Bigger Guests with These Three Simple Steps

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This article is part two of a three part series we’ve put together on interview mastery. Be sure that you get caught up on the full series:

2016 is here and it’s time to step your game up and head to the major leagues. Going BIGGER is the only way to grow your audience and brand. Interviewing friends from the local tech meet up no longer will cut it. It’s time to expand beyond your sphere of influence. So, here’s your three-step playbook for connecting with bigger guests. The catalyst you need to land the next big contract, speaking gig or JV partnership!


Step 1. – Locate Social Profile

Anyone doing biz today knows the importance of having a social presence. It’s up to you to take advantage of this opportunity. CEOs, marketers, authors and investors are one LinkedIn message or Tweet away. And if you don’t know them, its likely someone in your circle already does.

  • Do a quick Google search and request to connect. Try not to come off as being too creepy. Don’t go all fan boy and like their last fifty Instagram posts and immediately message them hoping they’ll respond.
  • Leverage the power of avoiding the inbox. Twitter is best because it’s a smooth transition into asking for their email to schedule the interview and they’ll get @ mentions when tagged. The same is true for Instagram but mileage may vary. Instagram works best when they don’t have a lot of followers and are still in the honeymoon phase.
  • Go professional. LinkedIn works best for professionals. You’ll need a premium account to take advantage of all the bells and whistles, but it’s worth the investment. More on this later.

Step 2. Find Interview Bait

One commonality that you’ll discover about successful people: they don’t like to waste time. You need to give them a damn good reason why they should take 25 – 60 minutes out of their work day for a chat.  And you’re a smart podcaster so you’ll lure them in with interview bait.

  • Have they recently released a book or product? If so, your podcast is leverage to promote new releases.
  • Have they recently had a change of direction in their career? Why not invite them to share their story.
  • Have they recently wrote an article or done an interview? Your podcast is the perfect opportunity to dig deeper.

Step 3. Ask For Interview

As the saying goes, in life we don’t get what we want, we get what we negotiate. So, you can’t be afraid to ask. Remember, they’re human just like you and put their pants or skirts on one leg at a time. They’re not some untouchable golden entity, and you’re not some peasant. In fact, you have the upper had. Your giving them direct access to your audience. Even if it’s one person! It’s still an audience. They’ll appreciate the content while you’re guest enjoys the exposure.

  • Follow and connect with them first. Give it a few weeks to build up some street cred. Share their content. Look for past interviews, and even by their products or services. It’s a lot harder to say no to a paying customer than a random stranger. 😉
  • Some people will be cautious about giving their email away via a public tweet. If this is the case, just ask for a direct message.  For LinkedIn, you’ll need to ask for an introduction if you’re not connected. Hit up a colleague that’s in their circle or sign up for a premium account to send InMail messages.
  • If  you’re reaching out via cold email (not so cold if you do step 1), you can use tools like Rapportive, Datanyze, and Email Hunter to get email addresses. Leverage the fact that you’ve already connected via social in your initial outreach.

Some closing thoughts

Make sure you craft a message that’s brief and doesn’t add to their email inbox clutter. Remember to always lead with value, but understand that YOU have the leverage (audience).

Be honest about your numbers if they ask about downloads. You only want people who are open to the opportunity of being a guest on your show. If your numbers aren’t there, ask if it’s cool to circle back in 3-6 months.

People are gonna say no. Don’t act like you’ve never heard NO. Don’t give yourself the reputation of being a dick! If someone isn’t open to being on your show, for whatever reason, they aren’t for you. Just keep it moving.

Be honest about why you’re reaching out to them! Any sort of grand claims of a project or opportunity that “they just have to hop on right now!” will get sniffed out. They’ll smell the BS from a mile away.

Now get out there and start booking bigger guests!

Did you have any takeaways form this article?? Let us know in the comments.

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