How to Become an Authority In Your Industry with a Podcast [Case Study]

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Today Jay Fleischman stopped by the lab to share his podcast journey that started back in 2005. What separated Jay from his peers? He was a visionary and could see the impact podcasting was starting to have on his career. Jay began to vocalize the changes taking place in the bankruptcy industry in 2005 and got the attention of higher ups throughout the organization. Then came the speaking gigs, tech inquires, and interviews. Fast forward to present day and business is BOOMING. But it didn’t happen the way you’d think…

Listen and Learn:

  • What the podcast space looked like circa 2005
  • How Jay stood out from thousands in the customer debt industry
  • Why auditorial learning is the most powerful form of communication
  • The accidental podcast that generates referrals on autopilot
  • Why you should be on leveraging paid Facebook traffic

Quotes from the lab: 

Click-to-Tweet: “This is the blue ocean strategy. It’s the one opportunity where no one is at.” – Jay Fleischman

Resources and Mentions:

The Student Loan Show – Jay’s show that directly supports his law practice. 

How To Setup Your First Facebook Ad for Your PodcastGreat chat with David Schloss on Facebook advertising and what you’ll need to get setup. 

Do you have any podcast success stories about your business? What did you takeaway from Jay’s interview about the importance of this medium? Share your thoughts in the comments.