How to Increase Your Rates and Close More Clients

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So you want to know how to increase your rates and close more clients?

Have you considered launching a podcast? Maybe you already have one but aren’t getting the results you want.

The biggest mistake I see professionals make when creating a podcast is assuming they know what their clients are searching for.

Why make assumptions when they’ve already told you want they want? 

The fastest way to creating impactful content that will position you as the expert, allow you to charge more money and close more clients is by using this simple podcast format: Q&A 

This type of format has been successfully used by a well-known six figure business podcaster. Pat Flynn has said that launching a podcast was one of the best things he’s ever done for his business. His show, Ask Pat, has been a home run since it launched in 2014.

So let’s see how the podcast Q&A format can work for you.

But first…

Why it Ask Pat such a BIG hit?

  • Pat doesn’t assume he knows what his listeners want, he asks them
  • Each episode is short and sweet. Clocking in at under 10 – 12 minutes or less
  • He provides TONS of value

How does it work?

Step 1. Round Up 

Round up 12 of the most frequently asked questions from your current and past clients. You may have already created a Q&A or Frequently Asked Questions section on your website. If not, Go through old emails, notes on consultations and phone records and start compiling your questions.

Step 2. Record 

Record each question as a Q&A podcast episode. Start by clearly stating the question followed by a concise, informative answer. If possible include the person’s first name who asked the question.

For example, Mary asked what should be the first thing she should do after getting into car accident?

You also want to make sure you answer the question with a specific story or scenario that draws in the listener and makes it relationable to their situation.

Here’s a recent example from my podcast. I explain what is a podcast? and then gave a concise storyline of how it can be used for professionals.

Step 3. Get Traffic

Once your podcasts are up, you’ll want to drive traffic to each episode via your email list, paid traffic and social media. You can write a full email follow up series or create a 12 day social media campaign. The most important thing is to get your podcast in front of targeted prospects.  

Following this simple podcast format will remove the guesswork of figuring out what your prospects are searching for and put you into a position of becoming the trusted advisor, allowing you to increase your rates and close more clients.