Using Twitter to Engage your Audience

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We have today another very special player in the podcast sphere. Marking genius and blogger, Ray Higdon is unique in that he has well over 150,000 downloads a month, accompanied by an impressive 950,000 downloads to his name and a minimalist show, with each episode being a scant 2-7 minutes long. Today we look into his strategies on engaging audiences via twitter and how you can do the same for your podcast.

Listen and learn: 

  • How to build an ethos that grabs your audience.
  • Using your podcast to gravitate audience towards your blog instead of having it cannibalize itself.
  • Why twitter is an awesome tool for engaging your audience.
  • Doing the opposite of what everyone is doing.

Quotes from the lab:

Click-to-Tweet: “Different is BETTER than better.” – Sally Hogshead

Resources and mentions: – More helpful advice and products from the marketing master himself.

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We’ve previously talked about using a bunch of different social media outlets to engage your audience. What are you using, and how do you think it works for you? Talk about it in the comments!