Top of the Charts: Our 2015 Recap

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It’s February, and it would be impossible to understate what an incredible first year it’s been for Pod Parrot. With the start of our blogs, editorials, and a variety of other content on making and strengthening your podcast, we bring to you a top ten list of our most effective and popular works of the year.

Podcasters' Paradise Cruise

10) Takeaway from the Podcasters’ Paradise Cruise

Join Vernon on this personal essay detailing his lovely experience on his opportunity to attend the Podcasters’ Paradise Cruise. In it, he reflects on the emotional process of building success and the confidence you need to push forward and enjoy your accomplishments while also detailing on the wonderful time and connections he made aboard the cruise while leaving a heartfelt takeaway for anyone going through a similar experience.

Highlights include:

  • In all of its glory, you get to see a snapshot of Vernon rockin’ to some karaoke.
  • Get a bunch of awesome podcast suggestions from other cool podcasters that attended.
New & Noteworthy

9) How to Get Your Podcast into iTunes New & Noteworthy

Getting your podcast any sort of exposure is, of course, pivotal to anyone who’s recently launched a show. Here, we guide you through the basics of getting your podcast to top of iTunes New and Noteworthy on the big bad front page for any potential new listener to see!

Highlights include:

  • Getting reviews and ratings on iTunes. 
  • Getting your podcast visibility and credibility. 

8) How to Setup Your First Facebook Ad for Your Podcast

Join Vernon and David in the lab and learn how to set up dirt cheap Ads to help instantly generate traffic to your podcast all while teaching you to navigate the complexities of internet advertising.

Highlights include:

  • Growing your email list (and why). 
  • Why Facebook is awesome for advertising.
  • Demystifying targeting and marketing.
podcast workflow

7) 14 Tools For Systemizing Your Podcast Workflow

It takes a village to raise a… Podcast? Ok, maybe the adage doesn’t go quite that way, but still, a lot is involved in making a great show! So, to help things run a bit smoother for anyone trying to juggle managing a podcast, here’s a list of 14 tools to help with everything from scheduling to recording high quality audio and helping you to post-production and marketing.

Highlights include:

  • A bunch of tools that will help to make your life easier and streamline your production.  
  • Free online tool for creating awesome graphics. 

6) 4 Tips for Crafting Killer Podcast Episode Titles

In this article, we bring you some tips on how to make effective titles for your podcast that grab viewer’s attention and bring search results to your show! Lean how to take advantage of iTunes SEO, keywords and more.

Highlights include:

  • How to leverage keywords.
  • What makes a title effective and how to apply that to your show. 

5) 8 Tell-Tell Signs Your Podcast Is a House of Cards 

As when trying to successfully venture into most things, podcasting requires a good foundation to build upon. So, in this brief guide, we bring you a list of some ways that you can improve your podcast that you may not be totally aware of, in addition to helping you understand why you may not be where you want.

Highlights include:

  • Understanding why you need to have a clearly defined objective. 
  • Understanding why quality production matters. 

4) How to Define Your Podcast Strategy and Vision

On week five of our six-week podcast training series, we talk to you about defining your podcast “strategy and vision” (which, if you’ve followed us for a while, have probably heard that term quite a few times). This is in addition to the tools and systems you can use to support and define your vision for your show. We also break down some marketing theory to explain what you need.

Highlights include:

  • Links to the rest of the series (which this episode connects to).
  • Defining your desired outcome.
how to create a podcast (2)

3) How to Create a Podcast And Book Your First Three Guests

Interviews can be intimidating. More so is the whole process of reaching out to guest and getting them to appear on your show. With this editorial, we give you the playbook on how to connect with powerful people in the industry. And do it all in four hours or less.

Highlights include:

  • A link to Vernon’s step by step podcast launch guide.
  • How to use iTunes to connect with people.

2) It’s Not About Radio. It’s About People.

Extremely accomplished radio veteran and consultant (named by Radio Inc as one of the 50 most influential women) Valerie Geller joins us to talk about some foolproof methods on building your community and creating loyal audience.

Highlights include:

  • Narrowcasting vs. Broadcasting
  • How to better understand your audience by “stepping into their world”.
  • Why communicating effectively is important.
7 Ways

1) 7 Ways to Get More Clients and Better Referrals

Podcasting is and always has been an excellent medium for helping to grow clientele and getting good referrals for business. Here we teach you how to gain credibility and affluence in your industry, in addition to gaining new prospects from a successful podcast while connecting with your clients on an intimate level. To back up his stuff, Vernon gives a reflection on how podcasting totally changed his life, giving him incredible networking opportunities and business prospects.

Highlights include:

  • Defining just what a podcast it and why it’s useful.
  • The power of repurposing your content.

Well, with 2015 gone and this list available to old and new listeners/readers alike, we at Pod Parrot sincerely hope you continue to enjoy our content for the New Year! In the comments section, tell us what other content from us you may have enjoyed from the past year (that we missed).

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