How to Define Your Podcast Strategy and Vision

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We’re back in the lab this week for round 5 of our six-week training! Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Today we’re going to be discussing how to define your podcast strategy and vision, my favorite thing with clients outside of recording.

Why? because this is why you get behind the mic every week. This is why you continue to show up when it gets boring. Why you presist when you wonder of anyone’s even listening.

We’ll be digging deeper into some of the tools and systems you’ll want to have in place, reverse engineering your desired outcome and launching with an MVP. This episode is the missing puzzle piece for conneting earlier trainings so make sure you listen until the end my friend.

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Listen & Learn:

  • What does it take to define your strategy and vision
  • The importance of deconstructing and reverse engineering your desired end result
  • Striving for perfection vs. creating a Minimum Viable Podcast
  • What tools and systems you’ll need to have in place
  • And how they support the strategy and vision

Mentions & Resources  

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Did this epsiode give you more clarity? What’s your strategy and vision for your podcast? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.