How to Increase Your Rates and Close More Clients

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So you want to know how to increase your rates and close more clients? Have you considered launching a podcast? Maybe you already have one but aren’t getting the results you want. The biggest mistake I see professionals make when creating a podcast is assuming they know what their clients are searching for. Why make assumptions […]

Are You Prepared for the Journey?

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Free Email Course: How to Launch Your Podcast in 5 Easy Steps If you’re like most people you’ve probably just read the title of this podcast and said, “Of course I ready Vernon, let’s get friggin’ going already.” But I want to challenge you to take some time to marinate on the question (take it […]

The Four Step Podcast Quick Launch For Attorneys

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If you’re an attorney and you want to create a podcast that brings in more clients, it’s likely that you don’t have the time to research what you’ll need to have a successful launch. This four step podcast quick launch will help you get up and running in half the time. Step 1. Understand Your […]

7 Ways to Get More Clients and Better Referrals

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Since the debut of Serial in 2014, Podcasting has skyrocketed in popularity. But not much has been covered on how to use podcasting to get more clients and better referrals. You may have already seen the impact of getting in front of your clients before the consultation. Today it’s common to use video marketing, direct […]